FORENSIC SCIENCE


This conference will offer delegates the opportunity to meet with a number of professionals who work in the Real World of Forensic Science.  During the day delegates will hear and interact with the experts, who will provide an insight into the fascinating way they use their skills and knowledge in gathering and presenting  forensic evidence in order to convict a criminal.

Forensic Science covers a wide range of scientific disciplines and can be defined as the application of science to the law.  Its main function is to provide impartial scientific evidence.  In criminal cases forensic scientists are used in the search for and examination of physical traces that may be used in establishing or excluding someone that is suspected of committing a criminal  offence.


  1.      An Introduction to Criminology

  2.    Forensic Psychology

  3.    Forensic Photography

  4.    Criminal Investigation Procedures 

  5.    Biological Forensic Science

  6.    Criminal Psychology

  7.    Legal Studies

  8.    Pathology

  9.       Physical and Chemical Forensic Science

  10.       Traffic Accident Investigation