The speakers for the Behind Bars conferences/workshops have spent between four and twenty seven years in prison. 


Paul has spent 27 years Behind Bars for Murder.  Through out his time in prison he maintained his innocence, fighting for his case to be over turned. After being released on life license he has now had his conviction squashed by the appeal courts.  If we had had the death penalty in this country, Paul may have been killed for a crime he did not commit.


Alex has also spent 25 years in prison is still fighting to have his conviction over turned by the court of appeal.  Alex also spent the majority of his time Behind Bars in a world of silence.  Alex is deaf.


Janis has been in and out of prison more times than she wishes to remember.  Her crimes have been for shop lifting, fraud and drugs.  Through help she is now back at college studying for her GCSE's, some thirty years older than the students already attending the college.


Tony has been involved with crime since an early age.  He has spent the majority of his life in prison, serving sentences in England and Scotland.  His crimes range from petty theft as a child to armed robbery.


Brian, a successful business man was convicted of fraud.  He was sentenced to four years imprisonment for the embezzlement of 21 million pounds.

Jim has spent over 19 years Behind Bars.  He started a life of crime at the age of seven, shop lifting from local business.  Eventually after spending several years in care homes and young offender institutes, Jim eventually became a full time burglar.  He say’s that he learnt his trade whilst being locked up. 

Les spent 17 years Behind Bars for shooting and killing his ex-wife.  Les also tried to kill his ex-wifes partner.  The offence happened after Les and his family tried to seek help from various professional bodies regarding the health of his daughters.  No help was given so Les took the law in to his own hands and decided to confront his ex-wife and partner over the sexual abuse of his daughters.  Les is now living in the community on a Life License.

Chris has spent over 5 years Behind Bars in young offender institutes for fighting.  Whilst out on parole Chris broke his licence and was recalled back to prison.  Chris is now living in the community.  Should Chris be found guilty of fighting again he will receive a Life Sentence under the new regulations set by the Home Office.

John has spent over 25 years Behind Bars for murdering a man who raped his wife.  Due to John not showing remorse for his offence he was kept in prison beyond his tariff.  John is now on a life license and living in the community.

Mark has spent over 12 months on remand.  During his trial, Marks case was thrown out of court by the trial Judge.  This was due to the Prosecution witnesses being found to be lying about the crime.   Whilst on remand Mark lost his job, his family and his good name.

Pete is now 28 years of age.  At the age of five he and his younger brother were placed in to care.  His brother was fostered and brought up in a caring environment.  Pete, however was sent to a care home.  He says his life changed the first day he was put in to the home.  He had to learn how to fight, or be bullied.  As Pete got older, he fought more and got in to other forms of criminal activity.

Prison Officer has spent over 20 years working Behind Bars with every type of criminal.  Their experience involves working with prisoners in closed prisons, cat A/B prisons to cat C and D establishments which are semi and open prisons.