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True life conferences

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This one day conference is all about life Behind Bars.  As crime continues to be a high profile issue, delegates attending this conference will hear from and speak with released prisoners about the Penal system. 

Is it a place for Punishment, Retribution or Rehabilitation?

This conference can be tailored to the needs of your school/college.  For further information please contact our office on 08453705678 or by emailing

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Forensic Psychology covers a number of disciplines that are concerned with the Science of the Criminal Mind and Behaviour.

This Conference offers a combination of professionals working within the fields of human behaviour, who have studied and applied their skills and knowledge to the areas of Forensic Psychology.


Courtesy of Staffordshire University

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In criminal cases forensic scientists are used in the search for and examination of physical traces that may be used in establishing or excluding someone that is suspected of committing a criminal  offence.

All conferences can be held at an external venue or in-house at your school/college and tailored to the needs of the students. 

For further details and prices please telephone 0845 3705678.

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The Crime & Deviance conference is held in-house.  The conference consists of  a Chartered Forensic Psychologist, and two released prisoners.

For further information and costing please contact our office on: 08453705678 or please email with your contact details and a representative of TLC will reply to your enquiry.