Life Behind Bars

This one day conference is all about prisons and the Life Behind Bars.

As Crime continues to be a high profile issue, delegates attending this conference will hear from and speak with released prisoners that have served sentences from theft, drugs, violence/murder to white collar crime (fraud).

With the prison pollution increasing yearly, are our prisons and young offender institutes designed as a place for Punishment, Retribution or Rehabilitation? Hear from the people that have experienced this life.
Students will also look at a true life case and make a decision as though they were the jury, Guilty or Not Guilty.

Locations that we are hoping to present this conference at as soon as we have the all clear from the Government regarding the Coronavirus.

In the mean time we hope all students, teachers, staff and all your family members are safe.


This conference can also be tailored to the individual needs of the school/college and presented In-House. To discuss the options available please contact our office on 0845 3705678 or email:

Psychology Conferences

Forensic Psychology In The Real World Conference

Forensic Psychology covers a number of disciplines that are concerned with the science of the Criminal Mind and the Behaviour of a Human Being.
This conference offers students the opportunity to hear from and speak with a combination of professionals working within the fields of human behaviour, who have studied and applied their skills and knowledge to the areas of Forensic Psychology.

Nature Nurture
Mad Bad or Deviant - Psychopathology, Normal or Abnormal Behaviour
Offender Treatment Courses
Offender Profiling
Eye Witness Testimony
Crime & Gender - Do Females commit different crimes?

Applying Psychology in The Real World Conference

The speakers at this conference will talk to the students about their role as Psychologists.
Speakers work within the fields of:

Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist
Sports Psychologist
Issues within Psychology

CSI Conference

Crime Scene Investigations Conference 

The speakers at this conference all work at solving the crime. Who did it? How was the crime committed? Are there clues left by the criminal?

Forensic Pathologists
Offender Profling
Forensic Photography

TLC Conferences

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